How can the models in the Value Imperative impact your organization?

We believe that every organization will benefit by applying the models that we have described in The Value Imperative:  Harvesting Value from Your IT Initiatives.   But we recognize that it is not easy to move from the old and familiar engineering approach, despite all its failures, to an approach which is radically different.

Let’s Try It Out

To give organizations an understanding of how this will benefit them, we’ve made it possible to try it out in a small scale.  Send us a document which describes your strategy (for the organization or an investment), an ongoing project, or an audit or review of a past project.  We will do a quick review, a mini-value audit, and send you the results to show where you can better focus your strategy and efforts to ensure that you will get real business value from your investments in information technology.

What Kind of Documents?

In order to provide valuable feedback, the material must relate to the strategy of the organization and the effort to achieve that strategy by investing in information technology.  There can be many different documents in different organizations that touch on this.  Here is a sample list of those that we normally encounter.

  • Organizational Strategy
  • IT Strategy
  • Project Charter
  • Project Post-Mortem
  • Auditors Report

Not sure that you the right document?  Contact us and we can discuss what is possible.


We are committed to keeping your information confidential.  We recognize that the strategies and investments we will be discussing are core to your organization.  We provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that can be signed before any documents are exchanged.


Your documents will be reviewed by either Dr. Gerald Grant or Robert Collins, or possibly both.  This will give you the benefit of their decades of experience in academic and real world leadership to apply to your organization.  Because this process is intended to give you an understanding of how these models can be applied and the benefit they can bring, we are limiting the effort to a single document.  This allows us to provide the expertise at a cost that would not normally be available – $749US (plus taxes where applicable).

We can invoice you for the work or you can pay in advance with Paypal.

Start Harvesting Real Value from Your IT Initiatives Today!

    Send us a document which describes your strategy