As the old curse goes – May you live in interesting times! The future is vague at best and the only certainty is that things will be different in the post-COVID19 world.  There are many decisions that organizations need to make in the coming months.  Never has it been more important to focus on Value.

We (Rob Collins and Dr. Gerald Grant) are finding renewed interest and continued relevance in – The Value Imperative  – and have reformatted its delivery to help organizations get real, measurable, value from their strategic investments through the Realizing Value from Investments and Projects Cohort program,

First, we expanded into the full business context rather than focusing solely on IT.  Previously, we researched why organizations spent so much money on Information Technology and these results demonstrated that it had nothing to do with IT specifically but rather the challenges in articulating Value and understanding how Value is created.  

Whether investing in information systems or manufacturing, government programs or social benefits, you only achieve real results if you focus on Value.  So, we advanced our program to be relevant to all professions, beyond just IT and Finance.  Anyone responsible for making investment recommendations, decisions or obtaining results from them will benefit from the the Realizing Value from Investments and Projects Cohort.

Secondly, we’ve pivoted and adapted our material to a distance learning model.  Realizing Value from Investments and Projects Cohort, delivers Value Imperative knowledge in five two-hour session using online platforms (Zoom and Adobe Connect).  

One of the greatest advantages in the online delivery is that, by working over several weeks, we support attendees to bring real-world challenges as examples and exercises within the training and attendees are encouraged to share their experiences for an enhanced networked experience.  This model produces not just a better-educated business leader but one best equipped, through the  basis of a plan, to tackle major challenges in their own organization.  All without leaving home!

Out third change is that we’ve teamed with the University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute (PDI).  uOttawa PDI has a strong team of professionals to support course authors and trainers and a proven track record for high-quality in class and online delivery.    

Our first session begins this June.  Find more information here – Realizing Value from Investments and Projects Cohort.  We hope you will consider attending or passing this along to others who could benefit from an understanding of the Value Cycle, Value Realization, and the Agricultural Model of Value Investment.

Tomorrow will not be the same as yesterday.  The Realizing Value program is here to provide you with the tools, knowledge and confidence to take advantage of the altered and emerging opportunities today.  

We look forward to convening with you online!